Bobo Biscuit: 750mg Pet Tincture

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Bobo Biscuit line of Pet Tinctures are perfect for Pets (And People too!). Made from only the finest food-grade ingredients, the tinctures are a perfect well to get CBD to your pets, without the hassle of a capsule or pill. 

Available in several yummy flavors:

  • Unflavored: Ideal for those looking for a CBD Tincture, without any added ingredients. Simply MCT Oil and Hemp-derived CBD!
  • Salmon (Coming soon!): A hint of Salmon Flavoring added to the MCT Oil. Cats (and dogs!) love the flavor!
  • Chicken (Coming soon!): Like a Roitiserrie Chicken in a jar! Chicken flavoring added to the MCT Oil. People, as well as pets, enjoy this one!
  • Bacon (Coming soon!): Who doesn't love Bacon!? This is going to be an instant hit!

750mg CBD